A Peep down under: What’s that smell?!

Hi there folks, peepin’ steve here with a report from that little island in the south pacific – way south! It’s new Zealand! Fresh back from a peepin’ tour of the North Island where they are in the throes of SUmmer – can you believe that!? There was much peepin to be had, and you better believe I was peepin with all 5 senses:
Sight: Duh! Volcanoes, trees, kiwis, GLOWWORMS! it’s a peepin’ dream!

Touch: ooh la la is that a hot spring? you bet it is! get your butt in there and feel the co2 bubbling up under your feet!

Smell… What’s that smell? It’s an egg, it’s a toot… no, it’s a fumarole!

Taste: peppery leafs that numb your mouth? weird, but OK!

Hearing: OK I don’t hear anythin*WOOOOSH* woah check out that geyser!


OVerall I would give New Zewland a 5/5, one for each sense!