multipurpose composite tube

our world is under threat from the resurgence of vaccine-preventable illnesses and the failure of intermediate-range arms control treaties. fart dot horse is proud to address both of these exciting market opportunities by introducing the multipurpose composite tube: the world’s first dual-use iron lung/ballistic missile fuselage.

the multipurpose composite tube allows governments and insurgent groups to make the most of limited budgets. this innovative dual-use product combines a broad range of public health and strategic deterrence capabilities in a single comprehensive package. tubes can be configured as needed to respond to polio outbreaks or hostile military action.

the multipurpose composite tube is constructed from a sophisticated filament wound aramid/epoxy material. manufactured to exacting quality standards, this advanced composite is durable enough to withstand years of use providing negative-pressure patient ventilation. despite its strength, the tube’s low mass yields exceptional performance in theater ballistic missile applications.

the multipurpose composite tube includes many value-added features. provisions are included for mounting staging and separation pyromechanisms, patient comfort and entertainment equipment, and radar/infrared decoys for enhanced kill probability.

export of the multipurpose composite tube is restricted per the international traffic in arms regulations. transfer is prohibited without a license from the directorate of defense trade controls.

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