Disruptive Innovation

Many promising businesses ultimately stumble in their pursuit of profitability and success. Unforeseen obstacles and the volatility of the modern business environment can bring a proud organization to an untimely end. 

At fart dot horse, we’re embracing a disruptive new approach replacing outdated expectations of success. Instead of assessing our results against objectives, we’re redefining our objectives to adapt to results. This success-first paradigm is a new way of doing business, promising consistent achievement quarter after quarter, year after year.

How are we doing it? With data.

Data-driven success comes from understanding the nature of your business, your market, and your competitors. At fart dot horse, we’ve applied our knowledge and experience to help us gain insights into exactly what our competitors are doing, and what customers are expecting from you.

Instead of planning every move as a series of steps, we’re developing more open and flexible processes based on the flow of ideas.

Instead of thinking in terms of tasks, we’re thinking in terms of people and projects. Our customers and their needs are now front and center as our new approach to business.

When it comes to our customers, we recognize that they aren’t just one person, or one company, or one market. They’re a community of people who are united by a common goal.

The horse, the farm and the ranch are a family of their own. They’re an economy of one. We’re part of the horse’s herd.

The most powerful relationship in business happens between the customer and the worker. This is where you can make your presence felt. The world’s most talented people live, breathe and work for free. We simply offer to give them a platform for that work to be seen. That’s what we do. That’s what we do well. That’s the power of fart dot horse