Lord’s Canine Care & Behavioral Habit Prevention

Here at fart.horse we take pride in the personal interests of our employees and really want to support all of you in your external hobbies and social lives.  Since many of you have been exploring the world of canine ownership and servitude, I wanted to put together a multi installment resource for you on being positive dog owners, I mean handlers !  To start off with, lets welcome bunny, Chad’s newest canine companion that has been running around our open floor-plan productive workspace the last week!

I have been training dogs for service work for the last 15 years as a hobby, and offering my skills and experience to fart.horse employees at a discounted price of 125$ an hour.  I train truffle dogs, water dogs, and a variety of game and sport breeds. I have acquired 9 AKC gold titles combined with both Jack and Maximus, and I look forward to writing more posts for you to follow and learn from.

(Me and jack, my siamese Golden)

(my song Chez, and his sport breed hound, maximus)



for now, this is Chad Bone signing off.  We will see you in the boneyard for our post next week, “Dealing with in home urination and species domination”.